What is the right tile for my Chicago IL. home?


Tile flooring in a bathroom - Kitchen Remodeling In Chicago

Tile is one of those home-improvement projects that can last the life of your home in Chicago IL. so making the correct choice is crucial. With so many different colors, shapes and sizes offered by Samanco Construction in Chicago IL; Samanco Construction would like to provide you with a few things to consider to make your choices a little easier.

Fashions come and go

Have you ever visited a home and walked into the bathroom with pea green tiles? Or a kitchen area that has yellow checkered tiles? During the 1970s in Chicago IL. these were common and popular color schemes to use in homes, but at present, not so much. Because tiles are, more or less, a permanent option; selecting the correct color, pattern or design is a very important decision. Choosing a themed pattern or color scheme means that if you change your mind in a few years, you will also need to change the tiles as well; which can be costly. We advise you choose tile colors that are neutral, allowing for accents of the bathroom or kitchen to complete the total appearance that you are looking for. Neutral settings also help with the resell value of the home.

Selecting the right tile in the Chicago IL. area

Selecting the right tile can not only set the mood for the room of your home in the  Chicago IL area.; but also can help for practical use and budget. With a variety of different materials to choose from Samanco Construction can help you pick the right material for not only the conditions but also for the style of the home.

Travertine – Ideal for specialty products because each tile has a little bit of its own character

Ceramic – Most widely used. Ceramic tile can be found in a large variety of colors and textures. Due to its expansive use it is also the most budget minded of the choices.

Porcelain – Valued for its durability, porcelain tiles can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

Faux Wood – Becoming more popular, this Faux Wood is made of either ceramic or porcelain tiles and is crafted to give the appearance of wood. This makes for a great alternative for those traditional homes that want a traditional look but the durability of ceramic or porcelain.

Slate – The warm earth tones of a slate floor can really make the culture of the home standout. Both durable and versatile, slate is a great option when looking for a really unique floor tile setting.

Marble – Nothing says elegance like a marble floor. Available in a wide range of styles and textures, marble is a great choice for those looking for an upscale, yet durable, floor setting.

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Picture of a laminate floor - Kitchen Remodeling In ChicagoGranite – As a floor tile, granite is a excellent option when needing to add a little extra insulation to your floor setting. Because of granites unique color tones you can provide a warm, cultured floor setting without breaking the budget.

Pebbles and Stones – Traditionally arranged in a mosaic form a pebble and stone setting allows natural tones and unique shapes to dominate, while adding the durable elegance. Mostly found in bathrooms this technique can be mixed with other types of tile settings to bring in extremely unique presence to any home.

Onyx – unique and elegant’s, Onyx is a softer stone with a transparent quality that is unique to this type of tile setting. Best suited for light traffic areas this type of tile offers a quiet undertone of color while giving a smooth elegant feel.

Quartzite – probably the most durable of all your tile selections is a quartzite floor. While known best for its commercial applications a quartzite floor can provide a little bit of that rough texture and rigidity to any home. Available in a wide assortment of colors quartzite tiles can be a great accent when utilizing wood or stone interior designs.

When experience counts

As you can see using tile not only brings an elegant beauty, but durability to your home. Tile can also be easily manipulated to enhance the particular style of the Chicago IL. home, the design of the room or for a particular use such as: bathroom, kitchen, common areas or more durable settings such as patios and garage floors. The home improvement experts at Samanco Construction can help provide you with a variety of samples and designs to make the process as simple as can be. Whether you’re needing to update just the floors or updating the floors as part of a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project we can help.

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