Five Suggestions for building a deck that perfectly suits your home

We provide decks for a variety of homes  - Kitchen Remodeling In ChicagoIf you visit a variety of homes in the Chicago IL area you will quickly discover that decks can be found in all shapes and sizes. Some seem to be just tacked on while others seem to be an elegant extension of the home. At Samanco Construction in Chicago IL we specialize in deck design and construction for every style, shape and type of home. Choosing the right deck layout for your Chicago IL home is a very important choice, listed below is Samanco Construction’s top five suggestions for planning and building the perfect deck for your home.

Plan your deck to suit your lifestyle

The primary reason for someone to add a deck to their home is: (fill in the blank). It’s blank here because you have to tell us what your deck is intended to be used for. Some residents in Chicago IL like to have a deck for gatherings and cookouts while others are searching for a quiet retreat to settle down and read a book in the cool of the afternoon. When planning the deck for your home in Chicago IL you should consider carefully the use of your new deck and that it meets not only your immediate need, but is fashioned in such a way that will allow for additional uses also. For example: if you’re searching for that quiet deck to read a book, you might also want to make sure that it’s large enough to also accommodate an occasional gathering. Having the right deck that complements your lifestyle helps ensure the enjoyment of your investment for years to come.

Balance your space

One of the things that we sometimes see in the Chicago IL area is where someone has constructed a deck that was too large for the yard, creating an unbalanced overall appeal to the home. Ensuring that your deck shares the area of your yard is something that will help with the aesthetics of the home as well as the usefulness of both. By the same token, constructing a deck that is just large enough for a barbecue grill as a backdrop for a very large yard can also create a visual mismatch; either extreme will, at times, cause you to feel like your investment is wasted. At Samanco Construction we’ve been designing and building decks for years. We take into consideration the size of your yard and usable space to help create for you a deck that will not only exceed your basic need but increase the functionality of the home.

Choosing the right materials

Choosing the right materials for your deck at your Chicago IL home is just as crucial as the design. Each material has its own benefits and advantages which all should be considered before making your final decision. For example: A wooden deck has the classical look but will require upkeep and occasional maintenance as it ages to ensure that the wood is protected and does not warp or splinter. A deck using composite plastic materials (PVC) has the strength of wood and the durability of stone but tends to become discolored and rough in high-traffic areas. Materials may also be chosen based off the design because you’re trying to keep with a style that is specific for the Chicago IL area. Some designs require multiple types of materials such as a combination of stone and wood to give a very elegant appearance depending on the home’s style.

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Is your house missing something? Consider adding a deck!  - Kitchen Remodeling In ChicagoIt’s all about style

Choosing a style for your deck that complements your home is very important. Some Chicago IL homes have spaces in the layout or architecture of the exterior that can be complemented with the addition of a single or multiple decks that combine together. A second story deck, for example, can be tied into two levels providing a spectacular view of the property as well as functionality and privacy. Some homes, depending on the design, we can even build a Jacuzzi into the deck. Other homes may want to choose different shapes that complements the area between the home and the yard such as rounded or octagonal. Because Samanco Construction has been building decks in the Chicago IL area for so many years our design consultant will be able to provide you with a variety of different ideas and examples that would be able to complement your Chicago IL home.

Roof or no roof, that is the question

One major consideration that should be looked at Before starting construction of your new deck is whether you want a roof. Depending on the location and design of the deck you can choose to tie it to the existing roof line or have a freestanding roof to give a railed gazebo appearance. When building decks that have roofs we always build the support structure from the ground up as to support, not only the roof, but inclement weather that we sometimes see in the Chicago IL area. Adding a roof after the fact can occasionally alter the structural integrity of the deck and roofline; so, careful consideration should be made prior to making your final decision.

When Experience Counts

Samanco Construction in Chicago IL is your first and best choice for home improvement and home remodeling services. Whether you are expanding the footprint of your home with an attractive deck, a bathroom remodeling project or wiring upgrades; give us a call and discover how experience makes the difference.

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