Choose Samanco Construction for Your Bathroom Remodel

At Samanco we have practical experience in bathroom redesign projects. It begins with us bring you choices and and design concepts. Have you seen a picture of the perfect bathroom? Let us see! We are excited to make your dream a reality!

We invest heavily in our workmanship and we wish to provide you with a few genuine serenities. We back all that we do with a guarantee in addition to any manufacturer guarantees that accompany the items or materials that we use.

Privately Owned and Operated

We serve the Chicago area and are a privately owned and operated company. We invest wholeheartedly in serving our neighbors and companions.

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured

We are fully licensed bonded and insured. We take the additional responsibility of protection so you don’t need to.

One of the most beneficial redesigns for any house is a new bathroom. In a flash you will increase the value of your home; it is one of the primary spots a potential purchaser will judge a home’s value from.

Don’t go with any company, trust in our years of experience.

Restroom Remodeling Benefits

Expanded Value

We previously referenced to this yet it’s so significant it’s worth repeating. When a remodel is done accurately it can extraordinarily expand the value of your home; in any case, whenever done ineffectively it can have the contrary impact.

Moves up to work on personal satisfaction

Not hoping to sell yet but need something uniquely amazing? What difference would it make! From subtle changes in lighting to a full modernization, we accept the challenge. Need to add a bit of class with usefulness? Incorporate a freestanding or soaking tub to have that ideal sanctuary at the end of an unpleasant day.

Further developed Efficiency

Older bathrooms were tops… when they were constructed. More up-to-date innovations are available and will transform its look and usefulness; adding more current fixtures can truly reduce the costs from those utility bills. The bathroom appearance additionally dates the home as that green latrine with yellow floor tile was hot in 1970… not so much today. So create a beautiful bathroom and the updates will not only bring you joy but also cut down on costs.

It’s time for a new bathroom, whether you are planning to sell or give the home to your kids one day. Let us remodel your bathroom for you!