Every once in a while a bathroom remodel needs something unique, a custom touch; other times an odd size keeps traditional bathroom cabinets from fitting leaving unsightly gaps. Custom carpentry can serve these needs and more.

Our expertise starts with a personal visit from the owner to speak about the needs, ideas, materials, and options needed to make your custom carpentry dreams come true. From the first handshake, you will feel assured that you’ve hired a professional that will be there every step of the way from clean-up to making sure the job is done right. Because custom carpentry jobs often are “custom” we work diligently underlining the prep work needed to make everything fit together.

You can really tell when a craftsman has completed a custom carpentry job… it’s literally a work of art!

Custom Carpentry Turns a House into a Home

Custom carpentry can be anything from shaping a grand staircase, cabinets, doors, shelves, molding, tables; whatever truthfully needs to be crafted where a “store-bought” or an “original” is simply not practical. Often times a basement living space size simply won’t work with standard materials; this is where a custom carpentry project can bring value and convenience to your home.

Our Expert Custom Carpentry Services Include the Following:

  • Design Service: For years people have depended on our experience in building custom cabinets, mantels, trim and more for your home. Our personalized assistance is especially necessary when dealing with a custom carpentry project.

  • Trim: We know that out-of-the-box materials countless times won’t work on custom projects so we work with you to locate or replicate moldings and trim. As part of our complete services, we will remove old trim, clean and prep the areas making needed repairs as part of the whole job.

  • Built-Ins: A custom built-in unit can be done from architectural blueprints, owner’s drawings, or our own shop illustrations. The estimator will cover all facets of the design to make sure the job operates smoothly.

  • Mantels: Whether you have a custom mantel or store-bought; painted or stained – we can take care of it. We can even transform a pre-owned antique mantel for a proper fit for a new fireplace.

  • Rollouts: We can convert any shelf to a rollout. A maple dovetail drawer with a clear finish is the best value, although there are many styles to choose from.

  • Shelving: Custom built to specifications with expert installation, you can turn your wasted space into a workable and beautiful storage area.

  • Wainscoting: This is one of our favorite things to do. Competitively price with a great, traditional look, many finishing options are naturally available



Choose Samanco Construction for Your Bathroom Remodel

At Samanco we have practical experience in bathroom redesign projects. It begins with us bring you choices and and design concepts. Have you seen a picture of the perfect bathroom? Let us see! We are excited to make your dream a reality!

We invest heavily in our workmanship and we wish to provide you with a few genuine serenities. We back all that we do with a guarantee in addition to any manufacturer guarantees that accompany the items or materials that we use.

Privately Owned and Operated

We serve the Chicago area and are a privately owned and operated company. We invest wholeheartedly in serving our neighbors and companions.

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured

We are fully licensed bonded and insured. We take the additional responsibility of protection so you don’t need to.

One of the most beneficial redesigns for any house is a new bathroom. In a flash you will increase the value of your home; it is one of the primary spots a potential purchaser will judge a home’s value from.

Don’t go with any company, trust in our years of experience.

Restroom Remodeling Benefits

Expanded Value

We previously referenced to this yet it’s so significant it’s worth repeating. When a remodel is done accurately it can extraordinarily expand the value of your home; in any case, whenever done ineffectively it can have the contrary impact.

Moves up to work on personal satisfaction

Not hoping to sell yet but need something uniquely amazing? What difference would it make! From subtle changes in lighting to a full modernization, we accept the challenge. Need to add a bit of class with usefulness? Incorporate a freestanding or soaking tub to have that ideal sanctuary at the end of an unpleasant day.

Further developed Efficiency

Older bathrooms were tops… when they were constructed. More up-to-date innovations are available and will transform its look and usefulness; adding more current fixtures can truly reduce the costs from those utility bills. The bathroom appearance additionally dates the home as that green latrine with yellow floor tile was hot in 1970… not so much today. So create a beautiful bathroom and the updates will not only bring you joy but also cut down on costs.

It’s time for a new bathroom, whether you are planning to sell or give the home to your kids one day. Let us remodel your bathroom for you!



Kitchen Remodels

At Samanco we specialize in kitchen remodels. It begins with us displaying a range of options and choices. Then we work out what the detailed estimate will be so you can feel confident in what you’ve chosen and that the pricing will fit in your budget. Have you seen a kitchen you would like yours to look like? That’s great! Show us the picture and we’ll be happy to start from there. All of our work is upheld by warranties.

We invest wholeheartedly in our workmanship and we provide you with some peace of mind as well; so we back all that we do with a guarantee in addition to any warranties that accompany the items or materials that we use.

Privately Owned and Operated

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated organization. We invest heavily in serving our neighbors and companions in the Chicago area and enjoy knowing that you are pleased with the work we provided.

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Be assured that we are completely bonded and insured giving you added protection. We give the additional steps of assurance and protection so you don’t need to worry.

One of the most useful and beneficial upgrades to any house is a kitchen rebuild. Not only does it exclusively and immediately increase the value of your home; next to the bathroom, it is the primary spot a potential purchaser will judge the home’s value.

For that reason you shouldn’t trust a kitchen remodel or extension to simply anybody; trust in our years in the business to ensure your job isn’t just exceptional… but mirrors your style too.

Kitchen Remodeling Benefits

Expanded Value

We previously referenced to this yet it’s so significant. When a remodel is done accurately it can drastically increase the value and allure of your home; be that as it may, whenever done ineffectively it can have the contrary impact.

Upgrades to Improve Your Quality of Life

Not hoping to sell yet need something uniquely amazing? What an incredible difference it would make! From changes in lighting to a full modernization, we can deal with everything. Need to add a hint of class with usefulness? Incorporate a flattop cooking island for engaging visitors, or simply appreciate cooking more often!

Improvements in Efficiency

At first, kitchens were generally best in class… when they were built. More current innovations and materials have become available for kitchens improving it’s look and usefulness; adding fresher apparatuses can truly reduce those service bills. The kitchen appearance can likewise date the home as that backdrop with yellow backsplash tile was hot in 1970… not so much today. So an upgrade in materials and styles won’t just add equity. It will save you money on the month-to-month expenses as well!

Regardless of whether you are wanting to sell your home later as a venture or plan on giving it to the children one day… an expert kitchen remodel can be that ideal redesign that can achieve numerous objectives in a single project.

Outdoor Living Space

Pick Samanco Construction for Outdoor Living Space

Life in Illinois furnishes you with stunning spring days and fresh fall evenings. However, does your present home permit you to completely appreciate them? Get the vast majority of the seasons and delightful climate with an outside living space. Consider the possible advantages of outdoor living space as a method for changing your home.

Privately Owned and Operated

Samanco Construction is a privately operated business based out of Chicago, IL. We’re additionally a family and veteran-owned business. Trust your deck to a business that knows and loves your local area as much you do.

Solid Expertise You Can Trust

Our group at Samanco Construction has many years of involvement in an assortment of specialties. A building professional, proficient with more than 25 years of involvement is the overseer of our team. From customized buildings to new extensions, and remodels, we do everything.

We carry a similar degree of skill to each project. And we hold everyone in our group to superior expectations. Each worker must pass screenings and background verification before we enlist them. As such, you know that you’re getting the best workmanship for your outdoor living space.

Authorized and Insured Construction Professionals

Entrust the development experts with the accreditations you anticipate. We have requirements and protection coverages to meet the lawful prerequisites. We’re likewise glad to give references and instances of our past work. Your fulfillment and peace of mind make a difference to us.

Advantages of Outdoor Living Space

1. Work on Your Home’s Value

Help the worth of your home with a lovely outside residing space. The extra outside area frequently draws in purchasers. A new deck can likewise assist you with further developing the allure of your home.

2. Full-Service Construction Experts

Our work will be utilizing a full-administration construction organization committed to making your open-air living space dreams a reality. We survey each of your choices with you to guarantee you get precisely what you need. Our specialists routinely work on high-quality projects with elevated standards. The sky is the limit for us.

3. Change Your Outdoor Space

Invigorate your outside space with an exquisite deck or porch. Zero in on adding more seating to redefine how you engage with loved ones.

4. Set aside Cash

Outdoor living space might be a more reasonable choice to make a living space that emphasizes the regular magnificence of Illinois. Even better, these additions normally don’t count as formal living space. At the end of the day, you should enjoy your new open-air living space. We’d be pleased to talk about your choices with you.

5. Make Your Home More Inviting

Take your outside entertaining to a higher level with a deck or porch. Make a happy living space that makes engaging a breeze. No more problems of setting up tents on your terrace or managing awkward yard furniture in grass or soil.