Bathroom Remodel: One Of The Best Decisions You Will Make – Part 1

Image of a bathroom  - Home Improvement In ChicagoWhen you think about it… no room gains attention in your Chicago IL home like the bathroom does. When you are looking to buy a home, what is one of the first rooms you look at? For the majority of potential homeowner it would be the bathroom. The bathroom’s appearance is one of those factors that can make or break the sale of a home. The bathroom can easily date the home and set the mood for the style for the rest of the home, as a result having a bathroom properly remodeled is an important decision. It is also one of the few home improvement projects that you can do that you will see up to a 75% to 85% return on your investment for the sale of your home.

When you are looking for remodeling projects to do within your Chicago IL area home, a bathroom remodel is dollar for dollar the best investment that you can make for your home. However, Just as important as the project itself is, making sure that you make appropriate considerations for your bathroom remodeling project; if you simply throw together a hodgepodge of fixtures and materials you can end up creating a dated and sightly appearance for your home. Samanco Construction would like to provide you with a few tips for making sure that your bathroom remodel comes out perfect every time.

Flooring you won’t Regret

One thing that many homeowners don’t take the time to consider is the area of flooring. Proper use of materials, colors and durability factors greatly affect the overall quality feel of the bathroom. Choosing materials based upon their functionality rather than just color will mean the difference of whether or not you say “I regret having this floor”. At Samanco Construction we understand how important having the perfect bathroom floor can be. When we come out to make the initial inspection and assessment we utilize the latest in technology to show you not only how your bathroom can look, but we also provide examples of flooring options. We will show you how different textures work best to blend with the countertop and walls as well along with how different textures will work to protect the floor and increase functionality. For example: large ceramic tiles can make the bathroom feel very open and spacious but they can also create a slippery environment. Natural stone and limestone tiles can give a very earthy feel to the bathroom but absorb drips and spills which can cause them to become stained over time.

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Consider the Electrical System

During a bathroom remodeling project it is common to replace the electrical fixtures to more updated, economical switches, outlets and fixtures. However, depending on the age of the home it may be wise to take this opportunity to update the wiring all the way to the breaker box. The breaker and wiring, if over 15 years old, may have dry and brittle coverings that should be updated during a bathroom remodeling project. This is usually just a few additional hours of labor, and can help extend the life of your home’s wiring and help prevent expensive electrical wiring shorts down the road. It will also allow your modernized bathroom to handle the increased electrical loads that the bathroom was not originally designed to handle 15+ years ago.

Add Some Functionality

Think outside the box when it comes to remodeling the bathroom in your Chicago IL home. For example: Why not build in some functionality such as: recessed compartments in the shower for shampoos, a fold-down seat in the shower, under sink compartments that holds some of the smaller doodads that seem to collect on the bathroom sink?  Little improvements like this that help bring functionality to your updated bathroom remodeling project can really help get the most out of your investment.

When Experience Counts

Samanco Construction in Chicago IL is your first and best choice for home improvement and home remodeling services. Whether you are expanding the footprint of your home with an attractive deck, a bathroom remodeling project or wiring upgrades; give us a call and discover how experience makes the difference.

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