What you should know about exterior painting

Exterior painting can be a tough job - Home Remodeling In ChicagoSamanco Construction has been providing extraordinary painting services and more to the Chicago IL area for years. One of the things that we’ve discovered is that people often don’t realize the number of uses there are for exterior painting. We would like to take a few minutes to identify the vast uses of our exterior painting services and experience.

Exterior Paint Surfaces

When one thinks of exterior painting in the Chicago IL area the first thing that often pops into your head is painting a house. Although this is a regular service that is provided by Samanco Construction there is far more to it than simply slapping some paint on the wall. When painting the exterior of a home or business one ought to consider the material that you’re painting on, along with the quality of paint that is being applied. Some of the varieties of exterior finishes that we can paint are:

  •     Stucco
  •     Wood, Composite & Vinyl Siding
  •     Doors & Windows
  •     Fascia and Eaves
  •     Wood & Vinyl Shutters
  •     Architectural Wood & Wrought Iron
  •     Fences, Railings
  •     Decks, and Patio Covers
  •     Driveways and walkways (concrete)
  •     and more

Each of these require different techniques to ensure that the color and texture are correct and will last for years to come.

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Trust the experts - Home Remodeling In ChicagoPreparation of Surfaces

Each of the exterior surfaces that we paint require special preparation to ensure that the paint properly adheres to the surface, especially in the unpredictable Chicago IL climate. Some surfaces require an additional chemical to work as a bonding agent between the paint and the surface while other areas that are more porous will need a sealer to prevent the paint from soaking into the material causing discoloration and spotty areas. Because Samanco Construction has been providing exterior painting services to the Chicago IL area for years our experience speaks to our final product knowing that every brush stroke adds to our reputation of perfection. We work tirelessly to ensure that every paint project that we undertake has been professionally completed utilizing experience, skill and technique so that the final application will last for many years to come.

Repairing as needed

In some instances surfaces will have to be repaired as part of our preparation process. Because we are a full-service home-improvement and construction company we don’t have to outsource for these types of services. When handling stucco, wood or other services that are common to chip or become damaged, we can easily repair or replace these items prior to the application of paint. This full-service ability helps you save money not having to hire multiple contractors to complete a painting project.

Additional Services

When considering exterior painting in the Chicago IL area some don’t realize that there are many things that can be painted to look new again. Surfaces such as wrought iron, metal security doors, security bars, metal window frames, metal doors, metal fences and gates can all be given new life with just a fresh coat of professionally applied paint. We also can handle additional surfaces such as staining and finishing natural woods found in thresholds, decks, rails, doors and windows.


Pressure washing and cleaning services available

As a full service Home Improvement Company serving the Chicago IL area, we also provide professional pressure washing as well. Whether you are needing pressure washing as a preparation service for painting or as a general maintenance and upkeep, trust the professionals to take care of this for you. Pressure washing in itself is an art and ought to be trusted to a professional because different surfaces require different applications of chemicals and pressure. If harsh bleaching chemicals are utilized on untreated colored vinyl it can discolor and fade creating quite a mess. By the same token if pressure is not properly applied you can actually rip the paint off the side of the house creating a problem rather than a solution. Be sure to trust the professionals at Samanco Construction for this valuable service.

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Tips for Painting your Walls

Food splatters? With the right paint that's no problem!  - Home Remodeling In ChicagoYou can’t become Chicago IL’s premier painting and home remodeling company without developing some tricks of the trade… It doesn’t matter what the home-improvement commercials say, just buying professional grade products isn’t going to create a professional outcome. Samanco Construction, providing professional paint surfaces to the Chicago IL area, has earned the reputation for not only using professional grade products, but professional grade people also. For individuals that would like to try their hand at painting we would like to provide you with a few useful tips to assist you with your home painting project in Chicago IL.

Purchase Quality Materials

The reason for painting your room sometimes can determine how much you’re planning to invest in paint and materials. If you’re painting a room for a house that you’re planning to sell, you’re probably going to be less motivated to purchase premium quality paint products; however, for those that are planning to keep their home for a while or desire to have the quality colors stand out, you need to make certain you purchase quality paint and materials. Although the big-box stores might have the lowest advertised price they may not necessarily have the finest quality materials for those that are wanting to do the job right. If your store is fortunate to have a paint retail store, for instance Porter paints, we advise utilizing them. Chances are you’ll spend a few more dollars here and there on paint and materials however the end result will be a paint that matches the surface that you are painting in addition to the quality that will prevent you from having to do the job with multiple coats. Professionals such as Samanco Construction recognize that choosing the best quality materials will not only provide you with a better outcome but will last for many years to come.

Devote Some Time to prepping the walls

Daddy used to always say “there is never enough time to do it right, but there always seems to be enough time to do it over” … meaning that you ought to take your time and do it properly to begin with.

Clean your walls, ceilings, trim, windows, window trim and baseboards before you begin. Paint doesn’t apply very well to dirty surfaces so devote some time to cleaning your surfaces with soap and water and let air dry overnight prior to beginning.

Fill in holes with spackle and sand as needed to ensure that there are no imperfections in the surface. When sanding work with a high grit paper as to not damage the drywall. Despite having good quality paint, cracks and holes still show. Some services may require primer so that it keeps the color of the paint that you chose, especially on darker walls.

Some services like concrete require an additional product to make the walls receive paint easier. You’ll want to research this aspect fully before you put your first coat of paint on a concrete wall.

Take the time to mask off the areas that you don’t want painted, remove light covers and socket covers instead of taping them and then tape the fixture instead. Avoid using plastic to protect the floors when you’re painting. This can become slippery easily. We recommend using drop cloths.

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When you are at your whits end turn to the experts!   - Home Remodeling In ChicagoPainting ceilings

Ceilings can be somewhat tricky as in some areas it is popular to have a textured ceiling. When painting a textured ceiling, you’ll want to use a thick nap roller so that it covers the irregularities of the textured ceiling. Working with a thicker paint specifically made for ceilings will make your life much easier as the center points have a tendency to drip, making quite a mess of things.

Time-saving tips

There is a time saver product on the market that truly is a time saver, it is a paint edger that has two nylon wheels on the side so you can avoid having to tape in a number of areas like trim and baseboards.

Work with a 2 inch angle brush for corners to prevent scraping the edges, use a steady hand and make certain you go back over to remove any excess buildup.

Unless you’re using multiple people, skip the paint trays and use a 5 gallon bucket that has a roller screen.

For gallon buckets of paint take a finishing nail and poke a couple of holes into the crevices that the lid snaps into, this will allow the paint to drip back down inside rather than splattering any time you put the lid back on.

When Experience Counts

Samanco Construction has been serving the Chicago IL area for years and has earned a reputation for high quality and customer service along the way. Before you spend too much time buying materials and preparing to paint, give us a call and let us provide you with a free quote for painting. We feel that our affordable quotes both for painting as well as the other home-improvement based services that we provide are competitive and fair for the high-quality service and namebrand materials that we utilize. We also backup our workmanship with a two-year warranty so you can have peace in mind with every project that we perform.

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