Check out some kitchen remodeling mistakes that you’ll regret later!

Awesome kitchen remodeling project - Kitchen Remodeling In ChicagoWhen considering a kitchen remodeling project in your Chicago IL. home, many things can go through your mind when looking at all the factors. What materials to use, the design, fixtures and most importantly; what is it going to cost! To help our customers be able to make sound decisions about their kitchen remodel, Samanco Construction has prepared a list of 5 kitchen remodeling mistakes that they have seen over their many years of home-improvement services to the Chicago IL. area.

  1. Don’t Rush the Kitchen Remodeling Process

We understand, once you make the decision to have your kitchen in Chicago IL. remodeled, you want it done as quickly as possible. A common misconception when hiring a professional home improvement and remodeling company is that you’re the only customer they have. While the customer service experts at Samanco Construction may make it seem that way; they actually have multiple clients and projects going on throughout the year.

Careful scheduling makes sure that the different home repair, remodeling and home improvement services are completed as quickly as possible. When you sit down and meet with the owner of Samanco Construction, he will give you an estimated timeline of completion of your kitchen remodeling project that will be based upon availability of materials, labor and anticipated weather conditions (when applicable) to provide you with a time to expect the project to be completed.

The complexity of the project may create delays based upon availability of materials and specialized labor such as: custom kitchen cabinets and countertops. Rushing the process will not make it go faster, it only creates an air of tension that can cause mistakes. When dealing with kitchen remodeling in the Chicago IL. area; haste really does make waste.

  1. Don’t under value skilled labor

There are a few times when a homeowner in Chicago IL. will sit down with the kitchen remodeling designer; receive a detailed quote for design, materials and labor only to hear “Is there any part of this I can do myself?” The true answer is; we have no idea!

The professional level of craftsmanship that we employ into our kitchen remodeling projects, has been developed through years of training and experience. We have, on a few occasions, worked with the homeowner as they worked with tasks they felt they were comfortable in performing; honestly, most did not turn out well. When you put professional craftsman next to untrained labor… “it sticks out like a sore thumb”.

WhileSamanco Construction is certainly willing to work with the homeowner to make the kitchen remodeling project of their dreams; we do ask that you keep in mind that the services that you are hiring us to do are being performed by industry specialists, who have spent years developing techniques and skills to achieve the level of craftsmanship that is long sought after in our industry. The end results of utilizing this level of craftsmanship will be an elegant and functional kitchen that will last for many years to come.

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  1. Kitchen remodel - Kitchen Remodeling In Chicago

    Don’t cut corners on materials

One of the areas that Samanco Construction prides itself in is its use of high quality materials. Because these materials, in some cases, do cost more than what you would see at Home Depot; sometimes it’s a sticker shock for some customers. When building a kitchen remodeling project in Chicago IL. we use the best materials that are currently available to us. This not only helps us ensure quality, but will also help your kitchen remodeling project last for years to come. When it comes to materials in a kitchen remodeling project you really do “get what you pay for”.

  1. Don’t design your kitchen on just your needs of today

For those Chicago IL. homeowners who plan on being in their house for many years to come we recommend to think about the use of your kitchen in 5 to 10 years. Current trends are, for example: to eliminate the island countertops for a more open feel. This sophisticated set-up is very popular; however, in a few years you might desire to have a nice breakfast bar, island cooking surface for workstation which might require a complete remodel to incorporate. By thinking ahead, we can help design a kitchen that will meet the needs, of not only today, but of where your intentions might be in a few years.

  1. Don’t forget to think about efficiency

Elegant kitchen remodels sometimes lean more to the esthetical look, rather than function. At Samanco Construction we like to do both. There are many beautiful fixtures available that offer the durability, expected from a professional kitchen remodel, but also meet or exceed EPA guidelines for energy efficiency. While these products, fixtures and appliances may cost a little bit more, it will be well worth it in the long run for your kitchen remodeling project in Chicago IL.

Trust your Local Professionals

Samanco Construction has been serving the Chicago IL. area for three generations as your local trusted home improvement experts. Specializing in kitchen remodeling, we have enjoyed being allowing to flex our creative muscles when it comes to creating an elegant, yet functional,kitchen for our great customers here in Chicago IL. Often our customers will provide us with the inspiration, as they share with us their vision of what they consider the perfect kitchen designed to be; combined with our time honored craftsmanship, we have been able to create the ultimate kitchen remodeling project for many satisfied customers in the Chicago IL. area. 

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Reasons to Choose a Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathroom that has been remodeled - Bathroom Remodeling In ChicagoIf you’re looking for a remodeling project to do in your Chicago home that will immediately increase the value and curb appeal, look no further than a bathroom remodeling project from Samanco Construction. Since 1970, Samanco Construction has been the leading source for quality bathroom remodeling services because of its unmatched reputation, use of quality materials and workmanship.

Having your Bathroom Remodeled is a Wise Investment

Whether your plan is to stay in your Chicago home for many years to come or looking for ways to increase the value of the home for resale, a bathroom remodeling project is the perfect place to start. Updating or remodeling your bathroom can help with storage, energy efficiency, modernizing the appearance and more. Whether the guest bathroom or the master bathroom, a quality bathroom remodeling project provides many benefits for your family and your guests.

Popular reasons you should have your bathroom remodeled by Samanco Construction.

Increasing the Value of the Home

Depending on what which realtor website you look at you’ll find a quick debate as to whether a bathroom update really does increase the value of the home. While some Chicago estimators state that if the bathroom is intact and functioning, it equates the same value as a fully remodeled bathroom; however, the actual sales numbers do not support that opinion. Quoting the 2013 edition of remodeling magazine it determined that Chicago homeowners that have an updated, modernized bathroom concluded that they were able to recoup 54% through 65% of their bathroom remodeling investment. While they were not able to tack on 100% of the value of their upgrade it did bring the total value of the home of proportionately as well.

FACT: Home buyers look for remodeled bathrooms

Consider when you look to buy a used car: it comes down to mileage and options. If there are two or three homes for sale in the same area in Chicago, the one that has the newest and most modern features will generally get the sale every time. A proper bathroom remodeling project can really put the wow factor in any home as it is also one of the first places that a potential home buyer will look.

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Going Green means Saving some Green

With the bathroom being one of the most used rooms in your Chicago home, energy efficiency becomes a big deal. Part of any professional bathroom remodeling project should include updating lighting and plumbing fixtures. The Environmental Protection Agency has calculated that if 1 in 10 homes have a bathroom remodeling project completed to include energy efficient fixtures that it would save 70 billion gallons of water and $1.5 billion worth of energy costs!

Shower -  Bathroom Remodeling In Chicago

Getting Organized

Not only can the bathroom “date” the home but it can also contribute to clutter and storage issues. Bathrooms built 15 to 30 years ago placed more emphasis on colors than it did convenience. Part of any bathroom remodeling upgrade should be a well thought out plan for proper storage considerations to help decrease clutter and increase efficiency of the bathroom.

When Experience Really Counts

With two generations serving Chicago as a home-improvement company we started out when going green for a bathroom remodeling project meant green tiles, green toilet, green sink and green bathtub! As the trends in the bathroom remodeling industry have changed, we have changed as well. However, one thing that is not changed since 1970 is the quality workmanship that we put into every bathroom remodel and construction project that we perform. We simply could not be in business for over 45 years if we didn’t have a reputation of quality workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction. Be sure to contact us today to get your bathroom remodeling project for your Chicago home started today!

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