Ways to better protect your Chicago Il. Home

Labeled for reuse by Flickr  - Home Improvement In ChicagoWhen it comes to home improvement have you ever considered that home security makes your quality of life better not just more secure. When it comes to home security for your Chicago IL home installing an alarm system is only the first step towards creating a secure and safe environment within your home. Home security is more than a piece of equipment, it is a mindset because it represents a process of thinking that includes a safety, security, peace of mind and anticipation.

Let the technology work for you

If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound? Following this same train of thought: if a security alarm goes off in your home and nobody hears it… Does it do you any good! When you are selecting a home security service for your Chicago IL home it’s important to make sure that you utilize technology that allows communication beyond the audible experience, to that of notification.

With rapid developing technology in this area you can now receive alert notifications through a pager system or smart device… Some companies even provide direct communication to the emergency dispatch center in your local area. We are also highly recommending using HD cameras around your Chicago IL home. If an incident takes place at your home having a high quality recording can be an invaluable resource to the public safety officers and insurance investigators. When strategically placed around your Chicago IL home you can help provide the necessary information to help take criminals off the street, as well as, help fire investigations determine the cause of the fire based upon concrete video evidence. It would be wise to spend a few extra dollars to get the off-site recording that is gathered through Wi-Fi so that, regardless of the outcome of an incident, you still have the video evidence to help you in your insurance claim.

How do I choose the right security service for my Chicago IL home

Choose a product that places your home security in the hands of those with rapid response capabilities, This is your family and your home you are protecting, so don’t be afraid to step away from the name brands if they have slower response times. Don’t rely on the statistics that the national chains provide but rather look for independent reviews of their response time and performance.

Many national chain home security companies advertise instant response; however, in reality independent studies have found that a national chain home security company’s response time averaged 90 seconds after the alarm went off. Then, even after the alarm was sounded, a passcode process still needed to take place that, at times, might be difficult to remember with 115 dB worth of sound blaring in your ear. Besides 90 seconds is a lifetime if there is an aggressive intruder in your home or a grease fire blazing.

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Local based companies (which we admit are very few) have response averages that are faster than those national chain home security companies. Some local home security companies have worked with their local public safety divisions to establish a direct tie into the local 911 emergency dispatch system. This level of direct response is still developing, but… Is definitely something to look for because it means you have a direct line of communication to those that have the ability to help. If you decide to use a national home security service be sure to research their claims independently to make sure that you’re getting the best quality service for your Chicago IL home. (Your life might depend on that!)

Labeled for reuse by Pixabay  - Home Improvement In ChicagoSometimes security is just common sense

No one likes nosy neighbors; but for hundreds of years they’ve been the best line of defense against home intruders and fire. In our attempts to shut out the nosy neighbor we have often isolated, our homes with high fences, high hedges and heavy foliage; while this might give us a greater sense of privacy it also creates the perfect environment for home intruders. We recommend a more moderate approach with low fencing, waist high bushes (8 to 10 feet or more from the home) and keeping the trees trimmed. Home intruders will typically skip your home if it presents them a challenge, favoring those homes that they can practice their craft without being discovered.

Shed some light on the problem

By utilizing landscape lighting to illuminate the front of your home you can not only make your home very attractive (even showing off Samanco Construction handiwork), but also create a less desirable environment for home intruders.

It is also a wise precaution to install motion sensors with spotlights that are 10 to 12 feet off the ground around the back and sides of the home. Shadows are the home intruders best friend and unfortunately even in a well lit situation, if there are any overlaps in lighting he can find a way into your home by crossing through the shadows. Again, the goal is to make your home less attractive for those that may be looking for an easy target.

When Experience Counts

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